Alex Kent

Alex Kent is the CEO of the Guild of Energists

GoE Energy Conference 2018 with Silvia Hartmann, Susan Kennard, Alex Kent, Dr Teresa Lynch, Jorge Vence & Ilka Wandel

The View Hotel, Eastbourne, England, BN21 4DN | 10-11 November 2018

Sandra Hillawi & Stephen Kent Sandra Hillawi & Stephen Kent

Congratulations to Sandra Hillawi & Stephen Kent!

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Big E - GoE

We'll be returning to sunny Eastbourne (UK) this November for the GoE Energy Conference 2018! The dates of the main conference itself are:

November 10-11 2018

More details about the GoE Energy Conference, including pre/post conference courses, presenters etc, will be revealed in the months leading up to the conference! For more information, head to the conference website:

The Guild of Energists (GoE)
The Guild of Energists (GoE)
  •  The Guild of Energists (GoE)
  •  Eastbourne, England
Silvia Hartmann
  •  The Guild of Energists
  •  East Sussex, England
Susan Kennard
  •  Hastings, East Sussex, England
Alex Kent
  •  Guild of Energists Ltd
  •  Eastbourne, East Sussex, England
Teresa Lynch
  •  Healing To Wellness
  •  Hillsborough, New Jersey, United States
Jorge Vence
  •  Steps - EFT & Meridian Therapies Training UK
  •  Southampton, Hampshire, England
  •  Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Ilka Wandel
  •  Bera Solz, Bebra Solz, Germany
  •  La Nucia, Alicante, Spain
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These websites are provided to all professional members of the Guild of Energists (GoE). The GoE is the worlds largest modern energy organisation and supports techniques such as Modern Energy Tapping, Energy EFT and EMO. To find out more about the GoE and how to join see:

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