Alex Kent

Alex Kent is the CEO of the Guild of Energists


Pictures From GoE 2018

A truly magical time was had by all at the 20th and last Energy Conference at the View Hotel in beautiful Eastbourne by the sea. Stand by for how you can take part in the experience across time and space!

New GoE Forum Software - Trainer and Pro Groups Moving Away From Facebook

The GoE has developed new forum software (see: for our main website to make it easier for members to communicate with each other, ask questions, network on joint projects, provide support and stay up-to-date with latest developments in Modern Energy.

This article discusses how the GoE Professional and GoE Trainer groups will transition away from Facebook between 1st September 2018 and 1st October 2018.

GoE Trainer Training 2018 Report

Please join us in giving a MASSIVE +10 congratulations to all the trainers who attended the sold-out GoE Trainer Training 2018!

If you were wondering what happens at a seven day intensive GoE Trainer Training then here is your chance. We've uploaded many of the photos and videos from what was a very special week.

We very much look forward to helping these new trainers develop their Modern Energy training businesses, plus have also opened registration for the next GoE Trainer Training in June 2019.

Happy Unicorn! - EMO Energy In Motion Case Story

"Let's all be happy unicorns!" - GoE CEO Alex Kent tells his story of using EMO Energy In Motion to help his daughter overcome sadness relating to her day at school she did not want to talk about ...

Read on for the full story...

The Energist - Vol 2018.5.1 - The Power of the Positives

Winter 2018 edition of The Energist magazine.

Available to read online on smart phones, tablets and in browsers, plus also the option to download as an Adobe PDF file for printing out at home or for use with translation tools.

Energy Dating & Modern Energy Tapping

Looking to find a new partner this year? Energy Dating expert Alex Kent and author of The Energy of Attraction, talks about Modern Energy Tapping, the new energy tapping method developed by GoE President Silvia Hartmann.

With over two decades of energy tapping experience, Alex Kent discusses how high energy states, threshold shifts and rediscovering your true potential are the key to attracting the romantic lover of your dreams.

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DragonRising Radio Show

DragonRising is the publishing arm of the Guild of Energists and they've released some of the most outstanding and innovative audio products available, including: HypnoSolutions, HypnoDreams, BeautyT, Energy Dancing, Recorded Trainings and Guided Meditations.

Hosted by Alex Kent in 2008, the DragonRising Radio Show is your fabulous guide to the DragonRising audio catalogue. This 42 minute recording features free samples and guides to many of our premium audio products.

We Are The Guild of Energists! - Review 2017

Alex Kent, CEO of the Guild of Energists (GoE) reflects on how our not-for-profit modern energy organisation has grown and flourished in 2017. The GoE is now active in over seventy countries, serves over 1,800 members and has a complete range of courses on Modern Energy including Modern Energy Tapping, Healing, Stress Management, Coaching and Energy Dating.

Starting out in 1998 providing professional classic energy tapping training courses, the Guild now offers professionals and courses for people no matter where they currently are on the Modern Energy Chart - Therapy (phobias, fears, anxieties, PTSD), Healing (Hands-on-healing, Animals), Corporate Wellbeing (Modern Stress Management, Creativity), Coaching, Dating Coaching and Creativity.

Big Ted A4 Magic Tapping Sheet

If you love BIG Ted's Guide to Tapping, you'll love our new A4 Big Ted 'Magic Tapping' sheets. These high quality, double-sided, laminated, GoE Magic Tapping Sheets, make for a perfect addition to workshops and talks with young children.

Guild of Energists

These websites are provided to all professional members of the Guild of Energists (GoE). The GoE is the worlds largest modern energy organisation and supports techniques such as Modern Energy Tapping, Energy EFT and EMO. To find out more about the GoE and how to join see:

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